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Tests confirm dog 'highly likely' to have died of shellfish poisoning

A file picture of a Siberian Husky Credit: PA Images

Officials say it's 'highly likely' a dog who died after visiting Felixstowe beach earlier this month had paralytic shellfish poisoning.

The Siberian Husky became ill after eating a crab. Tests by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science found high levels of naturally-occurring toxins in starfish and crab in the area. A Golden Retriever died in similar circumstances at Cley in Norfolk on New Year's Eve.

The Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority says there's a low level of risk to beach users and their pets, although simple precautions are recommended.

It says the latest testing on species including crabs and whelks finds that toxin levels are below regulatory limits.

It also appealing for owners of pets that have become ill after consuming items on a beach to report it to the relevant District or Borough Council