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Still working as a nurse at the age of 77

Maureen Underdown still works as a community nurse at the age of 77. Photo: ITV News Anglia

Maureen Underdown is still working as a community nurse even though she's nearly 80 years old and she says she has no plans to retire yet.

Maureen from Lowestoft in Suffolk has been a carer and a nurse for more than five decades.

She has just been given a lifetime achievement award by East Coast Community Healthcare and is an inspiration to her younger colleagues.

Maureen does her rounds in the Lowestoft area as community healthcare assistant. Credit: ITV News Anglia

At 77, Maureen Underdown finds herself older than all her colleagues and quite often her patients too.

But this great-grandmother loves her job and feels blessed to still be working.

"I enjoy my job so much and when I lost hubby six years ago that's given me a new lease of life really.

"I love my patients, I love tormenting them and I think they love me so that's what keeps me going."

– Maureen Underdown
Maureen has now received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"She's got a lot of maturity and life experience and as you've seen from the team you've met, they are very young and we have a lot of newly qualified staff.

"She's able to support them as they start their careers in the community with us.

"We're hoping to get many more years out of Maureen."

– KATE SPENCE, Community Nursing Coordinator
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