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Icon or eyesore? Debate over demolition of Norwich's Victorian gas holder

It may not have the grandeur of some of East Anglia's other landmarks - but campaigners are fighting to preserve Norwich's Victorian gas holder.

The structure dates back to 1880 but it was disconnected from the gas network in 2009.

The National Grid is now seeking permission from the city council to dismantle it along with an underground one nearby.

"The two gas holders at Gas Hill are redundant and have not been used to store gas for a long time because of changes in how gas is distributed and delivered to homes and businesses around the UK."

– The National Grid

Civil watchdog The Norwich Society say the whole area is part of Norwich's industrial heritage - and that the gas holder should be kept.

Conservation officers at Norwich City Council also say they can't support the demolition, recognising that the gas holder is a "significant element of the aesthetic associated with the city skyline".

"It's a piece of fantastic engineering and to see it empty, as it is now, I think it looks lovely outlined against the sky."

– Vanessa Trevelyan, Norwich Society