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Votes for women: 100 years on and the region remembers

Today (Tuesday 6th Feb) marks 100 years since women aged over thirty and who owned property were given the right to vote.

Events have been taking place across the East of England.

Students at the Chelmsford high school for Girls have been discussing the centenary of the female vote, as they prepare to use their right to vote for the first time next year.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia they all said they will always use their right to vote, but although they feel equal it’s only to a certain extent and that they believe there is some way to go.

ITV News Anglia filming at Chelmsford High School for Girls Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I'm so, so grateful to the women who fought so hard and I think that's the reason they kept fighting because they knew that it was something we needed for the future."

– Student at Chelmsford High School for Girls
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