Council tax hikes on the way in the East as councils continue to face financial pressures

Councils are responsible for a variety of services. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Council tax payers across the Anglia region are set to see their bills go up in April as local authorities face pressure to balance their budgets.

Last week, Northamptonshire County Council become the first for nearly 20 years to face emergency measures banning new spending.

Now, a new report has warned that nearly 80% of councils are worried about their financial sustainability.

Every council in the East is planning to raise council tax as they continue to make savings due to the cash they receive from central government being reduced.

"I think what we see today is a very disturbing picture for local government finance. Councils are really right on the edge," Dr Jonathan Carr-West told ITV News Anglia.

"They are managing to protect the services we all care about, caring for older people, protecting vulnerable children.

"But, they can only do that by putting up council tax, which will be uncomfortable for many people, by increasing charging, and most worryingly of all, by draining their reserves."

Proposed council tax rises in the East

  • Norfolk - 5.99%

  • Hertfordshire - 5.99%

  • Northamptonshire - 5.98%

  • Cambridgeshire - 4.99%

  • Suffolk - 4.99%

  • Essex - 4.99%

  • Central Bedfordshire - 4.5%