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25 years on police review evidence in Suffolk murder case

Doris Shelly Credit: ITV Anglia

Suffolk Police say they've been reviewing evidence on the cold case murder of a Suffolk pensioner on the 25th anniversary of her death this month.

82-year-old Doris Shelly was found at her home in Martlesham in 1993, police say she was a person who kept herself to herself.

Sometime between 2pm on Wednesday 10th February 1993 and 12.45pm on Thursday 11th February an unknown person or persons broke into her bungalow possibly through a bedroom window.

Doris Shelly's House in 1993 Credit: Suffolk Police

Police say during the burglary it is believed that Mrs Shelley received blows to her head. A neighbour found her the following morning in a dazed and confused state, cowering in the corner of the kitchen covered in her own blood.

Her injuries suggested she had been hit in the head with a blunt instrument and punched and kicked a number of times.

She lost consciousness after being discovered and died in hospital 11 days after the attack, having never been able to tell anyone what had happened to her.

"Cold cases by their nature are difficult because you've had a professional team look at it at the time, but what we do have is new forensic techniques which weren't available 25 years ago."

– Andy Guy, Cold Case Manger for Norfolk & Suffolk Police
Doris Shelly's house in 1993 Credit: Suffolk Police

Police say that Mrs Shelley was very security conscious after a previous violent robbery at her home address during which £12,000 was stolen.

Because of this they say, she became reclusive and had a number of people who would do errands for her and generally look after her.

Her husband died when she was in her 20s and she had no known immediate family.

A number of people have were arrested but no-one has ever been charged with her murder.

Officers were, and still are, particularly keen to trace the driver of what is believed to have been a red Ford Sierra seen near her house one of the days prior to the attack.

What the area looks like now Credit: Suffolk Police