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Charity appeal to fund a food bank delivery service

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A charity in Northamptonshire is appealing for donations to set up a food bank delivery service.

Kettering Community Unit wants to raise £5,000 pounds so it can transport emergency food parcels to people living in rural areas.

The organisation says demand for their service is increasing but those those in poverty simply can't afford to get to the collection centres in the town.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Each week our parcels are increasing, when I started in 2016 we were taking out around 16 boxes now we're putting out around 40. The biggest issue we have at the minute is whilst someone lives in Kettering town they can get to our partners, they can have their food and the ongoing support, if somebody lives in a rural area they can't get into the town to get the support or the food."

– Sylvia McLevy, Project manager