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Cambridge among top ten kindest cities in the UK

34% of adults in Cambridge perform a random act of kindness every day. Credit: PA

Cambridge is among the top ten kindest cities in the country.

According to a new survey by hotel group Travelodge, more than 30% of people from the city show a random act of kindness everyday.

Some of them include helping the elderly carry their shopping or holding the door open.

Acts of kindness include helping someone with a heavy item or shopping Credit: PA

The report also revealed that 29% of people in Cambridge say dishing out a random act of kindness to a stranger is "good karma".

Three quarters of adults in Cambridge also said it makes their day when a stranger shows them a random act of kindness and that it’s the "smallest gesture that means the most".

Cambridge is the UK’s eighth kindest city Credit: PA

Here are the top ten acts of kindness people in Cambridge love to receive:

  • Having the door opened for you
  • Receiving a smile from a stranger
  • Being allowed to jump the supermarket queue
  • Having the lift held for you
  • Receiving the right of way on the road
  • Receiving a seat from a stranger on public transport
  • Receiving a valid car parking ticket from a stranger in the car park
  • Receiving a compliment
  • Receiving a ‘Good Morning’ on the way into work
  • Receiving help to carry luggage / or a pram up the stairs
People in Cambridge say it’s the smallest gesture that means the most. Credit: PA

The survey by Travelodge also found Norwich and Chelmsford to be two of the 'unkindest cities' in the country, with just over 20% of people showing a random act of kindness in both places everyday.

Here are the top 10 kindest cities in the UK:

  • Liverpool
  • York
  • Manchester
  • Aberdeen
  • Plymouth
  • Wolverhampton
  • Leeds
  • Cambridge
  • Glasgow
  • London