Man jailed after dog fighting 'yard' found in village

Kali was found covered in wounds and scars Credit: RSPCA

A man has been jailed for 24 weeks after pleading guilty to dog fighting and other animal cruelty charges.

Neil Forrest, 44, from Aspenden, Hertfordshire was also ordered to pay £750 in costs and was banned from keeping all animals for life.

In March 2017 one of Forrest's dogs was found by a member of the public cowering in their garden.

Vets discovered she was covered in bite marks and other wounds. From the wounds they thought the dog, nicknamed Kali by staff, had been used in a fight just three or four days earlier.

A number of calls had been made to local dog wardens and vets reporting a missing black staffie. These were traced back to Forrest.

The RSPCA and police raided his home and found four more dogs, books and articles on dog fighting, and a treadmill and scales (often used by dog fighters to train their dogs and prepare for a fight).

He initially denied the charges but today (February 15) at Stevenage Magistrates' Court Forrest pleaded guilty to three of four offences.

These included causing unnecessary suffering to a dog, possessing a banned breed and keeping or training a dog for use in connection with an animal fight.