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Woburn Safari Park elephant calf beats deadly virus

Tarli the elephant beat the odds to overcome the virus. Credit: Woburn Safari Park.

An elephant at Bedfordshire's Woburn Safari Park has beaten the odds to overcome a deadly virus.

Three-year-old Asian elephant Tarli developed an aggressive Ebola-like disease.

It targets the youngest members of the herd and is fatal in 80% of cases.

Vets spotted the infection in a blood test and, after responding well to treatment, she's now been given the all clear.

There are five Asian Elephants living at Woburn Safari Park, including four females - Yu-Zin, Damini, Chandrika and Tarli - and one male, Raja.

Damini, Chandrika and Raja came from West Bengal in India in 1997 and Yu-Zin came from Holland in 2010.

"Yu-Zin is our oldest elephant here at the park and was born in 1979. Chandrika was born in 1992 and Damini and Raja were both born in 1994. Elephant calf Tarli was born to mum Damini and dad Raja in September 2014."

– Woburn Safari Park