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Watch: Moment disgraced Bedfordshire detective is arrested for blackmail

The moment a tearful Bedfordshire detective was arrested by his colleagues for blackmail has been aired on national television.

Former Detective Constable Gareth Suffling had demanded £1,000 from a man in exchange for not revealing he'd used a prostitute.

But Channel 4 cameras captured the moment he was caught and last night they were shown in the first of a new series of '24 Hours in Police Custody'.

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Suffling was jailed for 18 months last year after admitting blackmail and misconduct in a public office.

He was also dismissed from the force without notice for gross misconduct.

Gareth Suffling. Credit: Bedfordshire Police.

The new series of '24 Hours in Police Custody' was filmed last year at Luton and Kempston police stations.

It will focus on serious crimes including stalking and harassment, police corruption and a violent murder attempt.

"We have been overwhelmed with the feedback about how transparent we are as a force to completely open up our work to the public.

"In opening our doors this way, we can help to ensure public confidence, allowing people to visualise how we keep Bedfordshire safe and just how professional our staff are."

– Asst Chief Con Mark Lay