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Numbers of abandoned cats showing no sign of decreasing

One of the kittens found in rubbish by staff at a recycling centre Credit: Wood Green

A Cambridgeshire animal rescue centre says it's seeing more cats being abandoned in life-threatening conditions.

Staff at Wood Green near Huntingdon told ITV News Anglia, that despite easy access to help and advice, people are still dumping unwanted pets and putting their lives at risk and that there seems to be no sign of a decrease in cases.

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"We've seen a lot of cases of cats dumped in carrier bags, rubbish tips, on building sites, it's certainly not unusual. It can be really frustrating, it is the hardest part of the job, is understanding why people would do such a thing, especially to something so vulnerable."

– Nicole Webster, Wood Green
Two of five kittens who were rescued from a recycling centre, one of the litter died within days. Credit: Wood Green

Staff say they have seen many examples of cats and kittens being dumped; including a litter of kittens discovered by staff at a recycling centre in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.

The kittens had been spotted moments before the rubbish they were in was due to be crushed.

The litter of five had been put in a cardboard box and dumped in a skip.

They were taken to Wood Green near Huntingdon to be looked after, but one of the kittens died soon after.

The other four have now been re-homed including Maurice and Mimi who have settled into family life quite well.

Rescue cats Maurice and Mimi at their new home Credit: ITV News Anglia

"They were tiny and they'd been hand reared by staff at Wood Green and we got them after about six to eight weeks. With help and advice we've been able to manager it well and our son Oscar loves animals, so it's been great."

– Justin Morris, Maurice and Mimi's owner
Twinkle is about to head off to his new home Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tinsel was abandoned while pregnant and was found by the A1198 at Caxton in November last year.

She went on to have a litter of five which have all been re-homed, the last one to leave is Twinkle who also has a family waiting for her.

Tinsel was pregnant when she was found at the roadside and brought to Wood Green. Credit: Wood Green

"There are so many organisations out there, we are obviously on the phone, they can just pick up the phone and call us, we've got information on our website as to what to do, so there are options out there, even the local vet will give people advice and what to do. We don't judge people, if they come to us for help we will offer them support."

– Nicole Webster, Wood Green