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The church helping children at risk from being excluded from school

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Youngsters in Essex who are too disruptive for normal school lessons are being helped by a local church.

Frinton Free Church has set up its own school and says it's filling a gap and changing the lives of students at risk from exclusion.

They attend two days a week and staff say the aim is to eventually get them back into full time mainstream education.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

In partnership with the charity TLG or Transforming Lives for Good the school is run on the same lines as any other - including being subject to OFSTED inspections. The difference though is the bespoke teaching style, tailored to each child's need.

The idea is they can come to us, they can bring their issues with them and then we give them strategy's to be able to take back into their mainstream setting. In terms of the curriculum... we still do english and maths, science, all of the usual kind of subjects because we are an independent school so we have to do that but we teach through project work, so it's not stand alone lessons and we find that the students engage really well with that"

– Teacher, Frinton Free School
Credit: ITV News Anglia

Staff say already a number of students have been able to resume lessons in a mainstream school.

Although it is a church school, staff are christian and welcome youngsters from all backgrounds, believers or not.