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Norwich dentist off to fix teeth of Syrian refugees

A dentist from Norwich is to spend a week fixing the teeth of Syrian refugees who've fled to neighbouring Lebanon.

Dr Gautam Sharma has joined the charity Dental Mavericks whose aim is to end daily dental pain.

Natalie Gray reports :

Dr Sharma's day job is looking after the teeth of people living in the West Earlham part of Norwich. But next month he will travel to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon with the charity Dental Mavericks to look after the teeth of some of the most desperate and vulnerable people in the world - displaced Syrian refugees.

Dr Gautam Sharma to help Syrian refugees Credit: ITV Anglia

"There is one and a half million Syrian refugees sitting in that valley who've fled Syria to try to get better conditions and they've got no sort of dental aid or help and they're in a lot of pain.

If I can put a smile onto people's faces and get them out of pain that's a really rewarding thing for me to do."

– Dr Gautam Sharma, West Earlham Dental Practice

Dr Sharma is collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste to take with him. But he would like to hear from anyone willing to donate soft toys, colouring books and particularly Norwich City football club merchandise. They can be dropped off at West Earlham Dental Practice. He leaves at the end of April.

You can fine out more about the charity here