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Say Watt? Non-league footballer sent off after name confusion

Former Colchester United player went sent off after some confusion surrounding his name Credit: PA

Hertfordshire player Sanchez Watt was sent off during the game against East Thurrock last night after the referee got confused about his surname.

The former Colchester United player was booked for kicking the ball away during the non-league game.

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The referee then asked for his name, and Watt responded three times with 'Watt', but the referee heard it as 'What? What? What?'

Watt was then sent off for dissent, not having done anything wrong.

The referee called over Hemel Hemstead's captain, which is when he realised Watt's name was actually Watt and reversed the decision.

Hemel Hemstead went on to win their game 2-0 against East Thurrock with Watt on the scoresheet too!

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