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Four famous flamingos retire from a London rooftop to rural Norfolk

After living the high life at one of the most glamorous party places in London, four flamingos have moved to rural Norfolk following the closure of the venue.

Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks have swapped life six storeys up at The Kensington Roof Gardens for the peace and quiet of Pensthorpe Nature Park at Fakenham.


They bring the number of Greater Flamingos at Pensthorpe to 29 and about 20 more are on the way. They're building a new wetland area for them all which will open in the summer. Because of the building work the flamingos are currently NOT on display to the public.

Flamingos at the Kensington Roof Gardens Credit: Virgin Limited Edition

"It was quite an interesting call, we're trying to re-home our flamingos." "Oh where are they from?" "Oh they're on top of a roof in Kensington, six floors up." "They were fairly easy to round up and then we took some crates designed especially for long-legged birds , like flamingos and cranes and got them caught very easily. They were quite chilled out."

– Chrissie Kelley, Head of Species Management, Pensthorpe Nature Park