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International Women's Day - here's a look at some of our stories from the last 12 months


It's International Women's Day today - a chance to celebrate the achievements of a whole host of remarkable women.

So, we thought it would be a great chance to recap just some of the stories we've featured over the last 12 months.

Jenni Sidey

We met Cambridge lecturer and now Astronaut Jenni Sidey as she won her chance to head to the International Space Station.

Staying with a science theme - we headed to the exhibition celebrating the unsung heroines of the computing revolution.

Charlotte Edwards Credit: PA Images

We said goodbye to a sporting icon as Cambridgeshire's Charlotte Edwards called time on her illustrious cricketing career.

And met a real life war hero in 100-year-old Marjorie Gibson.

Marking a centenary of women's suffrage

From a sporting icon to a feminist one - as we told the story of Britain's first female doctor.

And with 2018 marking a centenary since some women won the right to vote, Chloe Keedy looked back on the shifting attitudes to women in a series of features. Including changes in the workplace

It was a pretty good year for our authors too - Sarah Perry and Rose Tremaine were both nominated for several literary awards, while Claire McGlasson met a woman who's life had begun to mirror her art.