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A fond farewell to a popular lifeboat coxswain

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A popular lifeboat coxswain with the Wells-next-the-Sea lifeboat crew is stepping down after 42 years service.

Allen Frary says it's been a role that's been a mixture of great joy - when rescues go well - and deep sadness when they don't.

Allen on one of his many trips out in the North Sea Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Well I suppose I've been messing around in a boat since I was five years old and if you take 65 and take 5 off that that's a lot of years I've been playing about on boats. I was a fisherman before I took this job on and we always knew the lifeboat was there if we were in need of it."

– Allen Frary
Credit: ITV News Anglia

He's stepping down as coxswain and mechanic at the end of March. He says the role has brought him so much joy like the time when he and his volunteer crew were able to save the lives of a father and his two children who'd got into trouble ...

The father remained aboard his boat and we had the two children aboard the big boat and I brought the two children up here to meet the father and yeah that was a little bit of a lump in the throat job that one was because obviously the father was overwhelmed with what happened.

– Allen Frary