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Armed police stage mock 'terror attack' at Stansted Airport

Police and airport staff took part in the exercise. Credit: Essex Police

Armed police staged a training exercise at Stansted Airport in the early hours of Saturday morning to test how they'd deal with a real-life terror attack.

The drill, which was carried out between midnight and 3am, simulated a terrorist firearms attack in the terminal building and staff from the airport also took part.

It's part on an ongoing programme which is aiming to ensure police and staff know what to do if an attack does happen, and isn't in response to any specific threat or intelligence regarding the airport.

Police say there isn't any specific intelligence to suggest the airport is at risk of an imminent attack. Credit: Essex Police

“This was a really positive exercise where we were able to test our response to a would-be terror attack," Deputy Airport Commander Chief Inspector Richard Phillibrown said.

“During the live play we tested our tactical response to terrorists with firearms and how we would deal with the challenge in practice.

“Stansted is the UK’s fourth busiest airport and more than 26 million passengers pass through there each year so it’s essential we’re prepared for any eventuality.

“There’s no specific intelligence currently to suggest there may be an attack at Stansted but as the UK terror threat level is at ‘severe’ it’s really important we carry out these exercises to make sure we’re ready should the worst happen."

The drill was carried out in the terminal building. Credit: Essex Police

John Farrow, London Stansted’s Security & Customer Services Director, added: “The safety and security of passengers, staff and airport infrastructure will always be our overriding priority so it’s vital we collaborate with our airport partners and the emergency services to prepare, develop and test how we protect against and respond to a wide range of operational scenarios and incidents."