There are fears that clifftop homes at risk of toppling into the sea may put off visitors to Hemsby near Great Yarmouth at the start of the tourist season at Easter.

With thousands of tourist beds, Hemsby brings millions of pounds into the local economy every year.

There are also concerns over just who will pay for the clean up with tonnes of debris now spilling onto the beach and the homes expected to be demolished in the next few days.

There has been criticism of the local Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis for not visiting the scene. He is due in the resort on Friday.

The chairman of Hemsby Parish Council, Keith Kyriacou told ITV News Anglia that Mr Lewis should have been there last weekend.

He said: "He should have shown his face because our local councillors were here and he should have that little bit more of an effort so we could look up to him and say help us please."

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"What I have been doing is, several times a day, liaising with local councillors who have been phenomenal. "What's been very clear is the amazing way the community, the businesses, the agencies locally have worked together."

Brandon Lewis MP

Brandon Lewis MP, who is also a Cabinet minister as chairman of the Conservative Party, told ITV News Anglia that he had been a resident of Hemsby for some decades so he is there quite regularly.