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Pot Pourri! Dipstick driver caught with fake Del Boy ID by police

The driver was stopped at Terrington near King's Lynn. Credit: Norfolk and Suffolk's Police Dog Unit

A driver who was stopped on the A47 in Norfolk must have felt like a right plonker after police discovered his fake driving licence!

The motorist was pulled over by the Norfolk and Suffolk Police Dog Unit at Terrington near King's Lynn on Wednesday afternoon, and presented officers with dodgy ID claiming he was Del Boy from 'Only Fools and Horses'!

The spoof licence came complete with an image of Del Trotter himself, as well as a Del Boy signature.

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The plan fell down though when the licence pointed out the owner of the car was only registered to drive a 'three wheeler' - despite the fact he'd been stopped in a Renault Megane!

Needless to say, police weren't having any of it and subsequently seized his car after discovering that he wasn't insured.

Afterwards, police tweeted: "Bonnet de douche everybody! Not even this #Plonkers fake driving licence could stop their car being seized. Driver reported for no driving licence and no insurance. #A47 Terrington."

Officers were keen to point out that the licence “wasn’t produced in an attempt to deceive” and admitted it made them laugh.

In this case, "he who dared", definitely didn't win....