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Hemsby heartache - homeless try to rebuild lives as council tries to rebuild beach

As 100 lorry loads of sand are brought into Hembsy in Norfolk to rebuild the access to the beach, more heartbreaking stories are emerging of people trying to rebuild their lives after losing everything when their cliff top homes were demolished at the weekend.

One 74 year old man says he has nothing except his dog, four cats and his car now his insurance company have refused to pay out.

He says a lifetime of memories have ended up in a skip and he has no idea what to do now.

Natalie Gray reports :

Nursing a pint Maurice Broom reflects on being homeless at 74. He'd moved to Hemsby two years ago this very week but today that home was being broken into small enough pieces to be put in a skip.

He's had a run of bad luck and this has been the final straw.

"I've lost my wife, my daughter to cancer, the dog died last year from cancer, my other daughter who should have been here today she's on chemo, she's got cancer so I don't really need the hassle from the flaming insurance company not paying out."

– Maurice Broom, owned a chalet at Hemsby in Norfolk

Maurice's was one of five homes demolished at the weekend after a storm left them teetering on the edge.

He and his four cats and dog have been given temporary accommodation at The Grange Hotel in nearby Ormseby but he doesn't know how long he will be able to stay.

Meanwhile more heartache for a mum and daughter seeing for the first time their holiday chalet which had been in the family for 19 years.

Family meet with insurers after chalet is demolished Credit: ITV Anglia

"It was amazing, my kids would be up here every single weekend - they would go and play on the amusements, sandcastles it was literally a dream for them every weekend. It just makes me so, so sad that all those memories have just gone and it's now a heap."

– Allison Southernwood
100 lorry loads of sand from Great Yarmouth will help reinstate the access road to the beach Credit: ITV Anglia

In another part of the village the operation continues to bring 160 cubic metres of sand from Yarmouth to reinstate the access to the beach.