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Teenager arrested after arson attack at church

A Great Yarmouth church has been the victim of a suspected arson attack Credit: ITV News Anglia

A teenager has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson attack at a church in Great Yarmouth.

A picture depicting the devil was left on the altar and two small fires were lit inside St Mary's Catholic Church on Tuesday (March 27).

A 17-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and is currently being questioned by police.

Small fires were lit inside the church Credit: ITV News Anglia

The attack has been condemned by Parish Priest Fr Anthony Nwankwo and by the Bishop of East Anglia, Rt Rev Alan Hopes, who pledged that the incident would not stop the Diocese leaving its churches across the region open as places of prayer and sanctuary.

Fr Anthony said: “I was shocked and saddened when I discovered what had happened. When I looked at the altar I saw this picture of something satanic.

"My immediate thought was to get some holy water and use it with prayer to nullify what the person had done.

“Our parishioners are shocked and sad about what has happened but I was very encouraged by the number of people who came to Mass this morning in support."

Norfolk police are are investigating the incident Credit: ITV News Anglia