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The row over who gets your restaurant tips


An escalating row over restaurant tips that could see staff in one chain walk out on strike.

Waiting staff at TGI Fridays in Milton Keynes are being balloted on industrial action over plans to pay some of their tips to kitchen staff instead of giving them a pay rise.

The servers say the move is unfair and an excuse to undercut the living wage.

Under the plan, all cash tips will still go to the waiting staff but 40% of card tips will be given to back-of-house staff.

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"Our members are bravely fighting back against a system that forces workers to live on low pay and without income security.

"They have decided to ballot for strike action in a wave of rolling strike ballots over the coming months because their employer has refused to address their concerns on tips and other issues."

– Dave Turnbull, Unite regional officer
The TGI Friday's restaurant chain want to share tips with kitchen staff.

A spokesperson for TGI Fridays told ITV News Anglia that 100% of tips go to our team members.

They said: "The decision to give 40% of tips paid by card to the kitchen teams is to ensure that all team members responsible for our guests service are rewarded. Servers continue to keep 100% of the cash tips they are given."