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The plane crash in Canada that killed family 'accidental'

An inquest into the deaths of a family from Milton Keynes who were killed in a plane crash in Canada has found they died accidentally.

Fiona and Richard Hewitt and their teenaged children Harry, 14, and Felicity, 17, were on a sightseeing trip in Quebec, when the sea plane crashed into a mountain in August 2015. An investigation found the aircraft stalled during a 'steep turn'.

Fiona and Harry Hewitt

The family were on the last day of their sightseeing trip to part of Quebec. The plane had six people on board.

The impact was so severe nobody could have survived, and pilot Romain Desrosiers and French passenger Emilie Delaitre also died.

The plane involved in the crash

An Air Saguenay official said the flight was supposed to last 20 minutes and flying conditions at the time were "excellent".