UK set for warmest early May Bank Holiday Monday on record

Bank Holiday Forecast Photo: Chris Page - ITV Anglia

After the recent cold and wet weather for many, the good news is that most of us will see warmer weather for the Bank Holiday weekend.

You'd expect with a bank holiday weekend looming and after a cold and wet start to the week for the East of England, the Bank Holiday weekend would be a washout?

Well think again!

The jet stream over the next few days will remain to the north of the UK allowing the "Azores High" to build and drag up warmer and drier air form parts of the tropics.

This means for us in the east, many should remain dry with some decent spells of sunshine, particularly on Sunday, and light winds.

Warmer air from the near continent is also close by which may allow temperatures to climb further.

The current record for the early May Bank Holiday set on 3rd May 1999 at Martyr Worthy (Hampshire)

The current record for the early May Bank Holiday is 23.6°C, and with temperatures set to rise over this weekend there is the possibility that we could beat this.

The sun is strong at this time of year, so if you are outside make sure you protect yourself from the strong UV rays and stay hydrated.

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