Who won what in the local elections in the Anglia region

Conservatives celebrate winning back control of Peterborough City Council. Credit: ITV News Anglia

All the major parties can claim some form of victory in the local elections in the Anglia region.

While the Liberal Democrats had limited gain in councillors across the region they scored a major victory snatching control of a flagship council from the Conservatives in South Cambridgeshire.

The Conservatives gained control of councils in Basildon and Peterborough. The Tories also won the most council seats across the Anglia region.

Labour have also gained council seats and increasing their majorities in Norwich, Harlow and Ipswich.

But it is UKIP which has seen the biggest slump - failing to retain any of the seats they were defending in the Anglia region.

The Green Party have gained a seat in Peterborough for the first time but lost five seats on Norwich City Council.

Councils with elections in the Anglia region

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All the main parties made gains in the Anglia region at the expense of UKIP. Credit: ITV News Anglia
The gains and losses of councillors in the local elections in May 2018.

More than four hundred councillors have been elected in the local elections in the Anglia region on 22 councils.

In most council areas it is one-third of the council facing election. Council elections operate on a four-year cycle so the last time these wards were contested was in 2014.

The councils in Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire are holding elections for the entire council following boundary changes.

The two councils will now also switch to holding elections every four years rather than annually in three years out of four.

Council areas in the Anglia region with elections in May 2018. Credit: ITV News Anglia