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Campaign to tackle food waste in Norwich

The council is encouraging people to recycle their food waste Credit: PA

People in Norwich are being encouraged to recycle their food waste to save the City Council hundreds of thousands of pounds on waste disposal.

It's estimated around £400,000 could've been saved last year if people used their kitchen caddies to recycle their food waste rather than throwing it away.

Food makes up around 30% of the contents of a bin in a Norwich home.

Residents will also receive a 'how to recycle food waste leaflet' Credit: PA

Norwich City Council has been running a weekly free food waste recycling scheme since 2010.

Cllr Kevin Maguire, Norwich City Council cabinet member for recycling, said: "Ideally, we'd all be producing less food waste in the first place, but for the unavoidable leftovers, using your kitchen caddy makes perfect sense.

"If all of Norwich started recycling their food waste rather than binning it, we could use the savings to help protect other council services which directly benefit our residents.

"What's more, Norwich food is recycled into energy and fertiliser, which is so much better than throwing it away - I'd urge everyone to get behind the campaign and 'feed their caddy'!"

The 'Feed your caddy' campaign aims to save more than £400,000 per year Credit: PA