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Victory for Brackley in the FA Trophy

Brackley Town looked tense as they lined up for penalties Credit: PA

Harry and Meghan's party last night will pale into insignificance next to the one Brackley Town will be having this evening.

The National League South team were happy enough just to have got to Wembley for the FA Trophy final against Bromley.

But after equalising in the very final minute of injury time, the Saints will be taking a big cup back to Northamptonshire thanks to victory in the penalty shoot-out.

Bromley, who sit a league above Brackley, had been leading since the 20th minute thanks to a goal from Omar Bugiel.

But the referee's decision to add on an extra six minutes of injury time gave the Northamptonshire non-leaguers a chance to get themselves back into the game.

Gaz Dean will want to take the credit for the equaliser - although it officially went down as an own goal by Roger Johnson.

Gaz Dean celebrates - but he won't get the official credit for the goal Credit: PA

Thirty minutes of extra time went by without any more goals before the players lined up for the penalty shoot out.

After Brackley missed their first spot kick, supporters who had made the journey to Wembley could have been forgiven for losing a little hope.

But a slip-up by Bromley on their fifth led to sudden death - and a 5-4 penalties victory for Brackley.

Andy Brown nets the winning penalty Credit: PA

Fans, who had been kept on the edge of their seats, tweeted their approval.

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