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Living in a garden shed- because the wheelchair is to big for the house

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A disabled man from Norfolk is living in a garden shed because his wheelchair's too big to get through the door of his house.

Jamie King from Merton has been bedbound for years because of various health issues but for the last 7 months has been confined to the shed at the bottom of his mum's garden.

Jaimie's wheelchair is to big to get into his mum's home Credit: ITV News Anglia

Jamie's mum is a widow and has to provide round the clock for her 28-years old son who she says has suffered several falls.

His mother claims more should be done to provide the care he requires - but Norfolk county council says it's working with the family to make sure his care needs are met.

"We're both exhausted and there must be some way forward to get my son medical care and out of a shed. It just seems ridiculous in 2018 that this situation exists."

– Vanessa King
His mum provides round the clock care for him. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"The council will continue to engage and work with the family to ensure that Jaimie's care needs are met. We hope that Jaimie's mother will co-operate fully with us, to allow this to happen to everyone's satisfaction."

– Norfolk County Council statemebnt