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Report says 'nobody died' from ambulance delays

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An independent report says nobody died as a result of ambulance delays in the East of England during the winter.

The report was commissioned after MP's highlighted claims from a whistleblower that up to 80 people could have died.

The report does say that three people suffered permanent or long term injury as a result of the delays.

The East of Ambulance Ambulance Trust has apologised and has since announced it will be recruiting more staff and increasing the number of ambulances available.

It has written to all the families and patients involved in the cases.

The Trust had over 96,000 calls between 17th December 2017 and 16th January 2018. It says a small proportion of patients waited significantly longer for an ambulance response than they should have done. There were 47 people identified whose cases were potential issues and 22 of those were declared as serious incidents.