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Sleepless nights are forecast as twins arrive for Aisling

Aisling Creevey's twin boys Tiernan and Oisín.

ITV News Anglia Weather Presenter Aisling Creevey has given birth to twin boys.

Tiernan and Oisín were born in mid May and weighed in at 6lb 6oz and 5lb 13oz respectively.

Aisling and partner Sam have thanks ITV Anglia viewers for their good wishes and the many gifts that were sent in.

"I am so tired but so happy. Myself and Sam are just really, really pleased with our little boys.

"They love all their little presents that they got from all the viewers. We've been using the blankets but haven't used the cardigans so much because it has been warm.

– Aisling Creevey
ITV Anglia Weather Presenter Aisling Creevey with her newborn twin boys.
Ais and partner Sam have thanked ITV News Anglia viewers for the presents that were sent in.

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