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Butterfly that was extinct in England for 40 years is reintroduced in Northamptonshire

The Chequered Skipper butterfly is being reintroduced Photo: Picture: Butterfly Conservation

A butterfly that was extinct in England for more than 40 years is being returned to Rockingham Forest in Northamptonshire.

The Chequered Skipper butterfly Credit: Picture: Butterfly Conservation

The Chequered Skipper butterflies have been released at a secret location in the forest. It is hoped that they will mate and lay the foundations of a new English population of Chequered Skipper in the forest.

The Chequered Skipper butterflies Credit: Picture: Butterfly Conservation

They are part of the "The Back from the Brink" project which aims to save 20 species from extinction and benefit more than 200 more through projects across England.

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