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Anglia Weather: mostly dry and warm, but thunderstorms possible

A misty scene at Hinxton in Cambridgeshire Credit: Joanne Joyce

This Evening and Tonight: A mostly dry evening, with sunny spells, although one or two heavy showers are possible. Thicker cloud is will then spread north, with a chance of some heavy and thundery showers, mainly in the far south and west. Minimum temperature 14 deg C (57 deg F).

Sunday: Very warm, and humid, perhaps locally hot inland, with the best of the sunshine in the east. However further thunderstorms are also possible, along with torrential downpours and hail. Maximum temperature 25 deg C (77 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Often sunny, and very warm, perhaps hot, Monday. The odd thundery shower possible. Similar Tuesday, before heavy showers and thunderstorms spread north later. Sunny spells and further showers likely Wednesday.

You can watch a forecast for the West of the Anglia region here.

You can watch a forecast for the East of the Anglia region.