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Anglia Weather: Dry overnight with a few heavy showers

Calm skies after a storm in Strethall, Essex. Credit: Joanne Joyce

This Evening and Tonight:

A few heavy, thundery showers may continue to affect the west, but mainly dry and fine in the east with some late sunshine before dusk. Becoming cloudy and misty in the north later in the night, especially around the Wash. Minimum temperature 11°C.


A rather cloudy morning, especially in the north and west with the odd shower around. Very warm sunny spells should develop, perhaps triggering isolated thunderstorms across Essex and Suffolk later. Maximum temperature 27°C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

  • A lot of dry, warm and humid conditions with rather cloudy skies, especially mornings, but with sunny spells later.
  • Heavy showers or thunderstorms become increasingly likely during Wednesday and Thursday.
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