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Northampton flooding: Clean up underway after dozens of homes and businesses damaged

Flash flooding has left a trail of destruction in Northampton.

More than 70 homes and businesses have been damaged after the town was badly hit by heavy rain overnight.

It's sparked accusations that Northamptonshire County Council have failed to clear the drains.

The County Council has launched an investigation into why the flooding has been so bad.

Northamptonshire County Council is working with emergency services and other partners following last night’s flooding in Northampton.

A significant amount of unusually intense rainfall concentrated in the Far Cotton and Briar Hill areas of the town leading to surface water flooding.

Northamptonshire County Council as lead local flood authority for the county will co-ordinate an independent investigation to better understand what factors contributed to the flooding.

– Northamptonshire County Council
The community has rallied round to support those who've been affected Credit: Amarjit Singh Atwal

Volunteers from the Sikh community have been providing food and drinks to emergency services and people affected by floods.

More than 16mm of rain fell in just two hours in Northampton overnight.

Rescue boats were deployed in Far Cotton to help residents and business owners who were badly hit.

Homes in nearby Watton were also damaged, after a stream of water was seen running down residential streets.

Emergency crews have been out across the town today clearing the worst-affected areas.

We had something like 140 incidents in the space of about two hours, so all of our resources were very heavily involved last night.

The indications we have at the moment is this was all surface water, a massive localised drop of rain that overwhelmed the drains and caused the flooding that you've seen, which explains why it's now all disappeared.

– Barry Mullan, Northamptonshire Fire & rescue Service
Businesses have been forced to throw out items damaged by the water Credit: ITV News Anglia

Several shops, salons and takeaways in St Leonard's Road in Far Cotton were flooded.

Helen Sabroche's family owns a local hairdressing salon, which was left underwater after the flash flood.

She said: "It was just devastating to watch, there was just water coming in everywhere and people trying to come and salvage or protect their businesses and they couldn't.

"You were helpless, absolutely helpless, it all came in such a short space of time...everything from the knee downwards has been destroyed."