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Lush store in Norwich continues with controversial advertising campaign despite widespread criticism

The #SpyCops campaign at Lush's store in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia

Norwich's branch of Lush has continued to front their store with a controversial marketing campaign called #SpyCops.

Lush says it is highlighting "the ongoing undercover policing scandal, where officers have infiltrated the lives, homes and beds of activists".

The campaign claims that some police officers had relationships with people they'd been sent to spy on.

An inquiry into undercover policing was launched in 2015.

Lush's #SpyCops advertising campaign Credit: ITV Anglia

It is looking at the work of the Special Demonstration Squad, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, and police forces across England and Wales. It's expected to begin hearing evidence next year and will continue to do so for around two years.

Many have criticised the campaign saying it's unfair on the police force.

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Norwich's Lush store has continued to front their store with the #SpyCops advertising campaign Credit: ITV Anglia

Some of Lush's branches have decided to take theirs down. Peterborough's branch took down their campaign from their window yesterday.

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In a statement Lush said:

This is not an anti-state/anti-police campaign. We are aware that the police forces of the UK are doing an increasingly difficult and dangerous job whilst having their funding slashed. We fully support them in having proper police numbers, correctly funded to fight crime, violence and to be there to serve the public at our times of need.

This campaign is not about the real police work done by those front line officers who support the public every day - it is about a controversial branch of political undercover policing that ran for many years before being exposed.

– Lush

The advertising campaign was reported to the Advertising Standards Agency but they will be taking no further action because they claim the matter is "outside of their remit."

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