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May 2018 among hottest and sunniest on record in East Anglia

Blue skies over the beach at Brancaster in Norfolk on 21 May 2018. Photo: Ann Boorman

The Anglia region enjoyed plenty of warm sunshine during May 2018 making it one of hottest and sunniest on record.

Since records started in the region in 1929 there was only been one May with more sunshine during the month than 2018 and that was in 1989.

The region totted up 268 hours of sunshine during the month which is 36% more than normal and way more than would be expected at the height of summer.

The record sunshine for May in 1989 was 299 hours.

8.6 hrs
Average daily sunshine in East Anglia during May 2018
6.4 hrs
Usual daily sunshine in East Anglia in May
Sunny skies at Horningsea near Cambridge on 22 May 2018 Credit: John Challis

Temperatures during the month were 1-2°C above average for May in East Anglia according to Met Office figures.

Daytime maximum temperatures during the month averaged about 19°C, which is more than 2°C above the long-term average.

Night time minimum temperatures average 8°C, which is about 1°C higher than average.

Since records started in East Anglia in 1918, May has been warmer than 2018 on only four occasions - in 1992, 1947, 2017 and 1964.

Sunrise at Little Chesterford in Essex on 8 May 2018. Credit: Joanne Joyce

Despite some flash flooding incidents, notably in Northampton and Milton Keynes, May overall in the Anglia region was drier than normal.

The regional rainfall total was 38 mm which is less than 80% of the normal rainfall of May.

The wettest place in the Anglia region in May was Woburn in Bedfordshire with 67 mm of rain (123% of average) and the driest was Buxton in Norfolk with 12 mm (25% of average)

The River Cam at Waterbeach near Cambridge on 8 May 2018. Credit: John Challis

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