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Rare sea birds nest on North Denes beach a week before Air Show

A Little tern nesting Credit: Kevin Simmonds

Little Terns have nested on the beach at North Denes in Great Yarmouth, just a week before the town's air show.

It's the first time in eight years the terns have nested at North Denes.

The RSPB says they're likely to be disturbed by the air show and have asked organisers not to hold it during the breeding season in future.

The Red Arrows have changed their flight plans to avoid disturbing a colony of Terns at Scroby Sands.

It is great to hear that the Air Show organisers are taking some of our rarest wildlife, a source of local pride, into account by shifting the display areas as far from the colonies as possible.

It is also brilliant to hear that Great Yarmouth Borough Council are stepping up and will be working to get fencing in place to protect nesting little terns at North Denes. Although we welcome changes to Air Show displays, we still believe that there is a high risk that the Air Show could disturb terns at this vulnerable time in their breeding season.

We are therefore calling on organisers to publicly promise that they will hold the Great Yarmouth Air Show outside of the breeding season in future years.

– Jeff Knott, RSPB Director of Eastern England
A Little tern. Credit: Kevin Simmonds