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Dealer jailed after 46 packages of drugs found inside his body

James Mamali (29) has been jailed for five years for drug dealing and assaulting a police officer. Credit: Essex Police

A dealer has been jailed for five years after 46 packages of drugs were found inside his body when he tried to sell some to an undercover police officer.

James Mamali, 29, from Canning Town in London was spotted acting suspiciously in Colchester in February. He approached a police officer from a special anti-drugs team called Operation Raptor patrolling the area and asked if he wanted to buy heroin or crack cocaine.

He ran off but was tackled and arrested. Mamali was found with 46 wraps of crack cocaine hidden in his bottom and in possession of £800 of cash.

Essex Police say he initially refused to pass the drugs but eventually did after four days in custody.

Mamali was found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court of two counts of possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply and assaulting a police officer.

“Drug dealers may be under the illusion that they can come to Essex and sell drugs, but, as this case shows, we are always right behind them.

“Mamali had no idea that the ‘punter’ he was trying to sell Class A drugs to was a Raptor officer. However his bad luck meant we were able to take him off the streets and lock him up for a significant amount of time as well as stopping Class A drugs from being sold in our community.

“If you think you can come to Essex to sell drugs, think again, Operation Raptor will be waiting for you.”

– Det Sgt Andy Stott, North Operation Raptor, Essex Police