1. ITV Report

Anglia Weather: mostly dry, brighter this afternoon

Today: Mostly rather cloudy and humid, although bright spells are likely to break through in the afternoon, and where these occur, it will be warm. Generally dry, however there may be a few spots of light rain for some. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).

Tonight: A dry evening with some sunny spells. It will remain mostly dry, although cloud will thicken and lower through the night with a southwesterly breeze developing. Minimum temperature 14 deg C (57 deg F).

Wednesday: Warm, sunny spells will develop in the morning and early afternoon, although with moderate breeze. From late afternoon a band of cloud and light rain will spread south. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Mainly dry with sunny spells Thursday, although much cooler in a northwesterly breeze. Remaining dry and mainly sunny Friday and Saturday with winds easing and becoming warmer day on day.