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Couple who conned 81-year-old are sought by police

Police fear the couple may have conned others Credit: Northants Police

A pensioner from Rothwell has been left unable to sleep or leave the house after she was the victim of a callous distraction burglary.

Helen Tilt, who's 81, was followed home by a couple who spotted her in the supermarket.

The woman pretended to be pregnant and at risk of losing her baby to gain Mrs Tilt's trust and steal her bank card.

Mrs Tilt says she's been shaken by the incident Credit: ITV Anglia

"I'm not sleeping properly I don't trust anybody which is bad, I'm watching all the time over my shoulders. It's not a good feeling at all."

– Helen Tilt
The pair followed Mrs Tilt in the supermarket before targetting her Credit: Northants Police

The incident happened in March, she hasn't been the same since.

Her daughter Joanne is her full time carer, and convinced her to move to Rothwell shortly after her husband passed away.

"My mum was just starting to get over grieving for my father who died last August. It was the first time, she'd gone out on her own. I've now been left with a mum who doesn't feel safe. The grief she felt has come back two fold. I bought her to Rothwell to make her feel safe, these people have shattered that for her."

– Helen's daughter

Unknowingly the fraudsters had picked the perfect target. Members of Helen's family have suffered miscarriages before.

Police say the couple have tried to dupe other older people.

They tried to use the card multiple times including at a McDonalds in Northampton, where again they were caught on CCTV. Two weeks earlier in Wellingborough they withdrew nearly 5 thousand pounds from an 86-year-old's account.