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Anglia Weather: fine, dry and sunny

A spectacular sunset in Cambridgeshire Credit: Chris Mitchell

Today: A fine and sunny day is expected, with only limited amounts of cloud. Winds should remain light, leading to it feeling very warm.However some coastal areas will perhaps be a little cooler, with any onshore breeze that develops. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).

Tonight: Light winds and largely clear skies will lead to a fine and dry overnight period, though likely turning cool in some rural spots. Minimum temperature 10 deg C (50 deg F).

Monday: A fine, and largely sunny day is expected. Turning very warm, especially away from the immediate coast, where it will feel a little fresher in any onshore breeze that develops. Maximum temperature 26 deg C (79 deg F).

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: A very warm period, with plenty of dry and sunny weather. However a noticeable onshore breeze could lead to some eastern parts staying a little cooler, especially along the coast.