A man from Milton Keynes, who was caught up in the Windrush scandal has been told he won't be granted British citizenship for another five years.

82-year old Clayton Barnes spent 60 years living and working in the UK but after visiting Jamaica in 2010, he was prevented from returning back to the country.

The Home Office says Mr Barnes doesn't meet the eligibility requirements for citizenship, a move which has angered his family.

Clayton Barnes and his daughter Samantha Barnes-Garner Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's asking for something that is rightfully somebody's. If he came over on a British passport and worked and lived here for 52 to 53 years, because I'm going to add on the fact that he went to Jamaica, he never stopped residing here he just wasn't allowed back, so why do we have to wait another five years to prove that 52 years existed?"

Samantha Barnes-Garner, Daughter

"I just want to get my British Passport because that's what it's all about so I can travel back and forth to see my family."

Clayton Barnes, Windrush resident
The Windrush generation Credit: Archive

"The Home Secretary has apologised unreservedly for the distress caused to people of the Windrush generation. These are people who have contributed to the UK over a number of decades and it is our priority to ensure that those who have struggled to demonstrate their right to be here are supported to do so.

Home Office spokesperson