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Stars of motoring world spotted filming at petrol station

The film crew in action Credit: Paul Howard Photography

Motor sport fans on the way home from the British Grand Prix got the surprise of their lives when they spotted Sebastian Vettel with former Top Gear stars James May and Richard Hammond at a petrol station in Towcester.

Vettel - fresh from his victory at Silverstone just a few miles up the road - joined May and Hammond who were filming for their new show The Grand Tour.

James May had brought along his Ferrari 458 and Richard Hammond had his Opel Kadett towed up from his home in Herefordshire as apparently he said he didn’t want to drive all that way at 45mph.

The petrol station remained open during filming and the public couldn’t believe their eyes.

A lot of them took photos with their mobile phones, while Sebastian Vettel also posed for pictures with onlookers.

The owner of a Credit: Paul Howard Photography
People watched as the filming went on at the Shell Garage in Towcester Credit: Paul Howard Photography
Vettel chatted to fans as the filming went on Credit: Paul Howard Photography