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Freudian tip: The clue which led to the rediscovery of a hidden art treasure

It's a tale that could well have come straight from the the books written about East Anglian antique dealer Lovejoy.

The discovery of one painting hidden beneath another - but not just any old painting, this is believed to be an undiscovered work by Lucian Freud.

Freud was one of the most important British artists of the 20th Century.

And the discovery could result in a massive windfall for the picture's owners.

Tom Wright's picture was worth £200

The picture above was painted by Suffolk artist Tom Wright. It was worth around £200.

But the new owners spotted something on the back of the painting which led to a major piece of art detective work.

It appeared to be the name Lucian.

The back of the canvas had a name on it

The picture had been hidden for decades after Freud's friend Tom Wright - decided to reuse the canvas for his own work and it stayed in his cellar until he died 2 years ago.

It's thought Tom needed the canvas due to wartime shortages. It meant only his work was visible for 70 years until Freud's signature was spotted on the back during the house clearance.

Some restoration revealed this:

The hidden picture Credit: ITV News Anglia

This painting alone is expected to fetch between 20 and 30 thousand pounds when it goes up for sale at the auction house in Stansted.

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