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Dumped in a drug den but now searching for a new home

Sheba is a mastiff-cross. Credit: RSPCA

A dog who was found dumped in a Northampton drug den without food and water is now in desperate need of a new home.

Sheba, a mastiff-cross aged 6, was taken in by the RSPCA after she was found left in a building in the town surrounded by drug paraphernalia last September.

Thanks to the Northampton RSPCA branch she's now returned to a healthy weight.

Credit: RSPCA

Sheba has come on great since she was rescued. She is just a lovely people-friendly dog who would just sit all day with you - although she does love getting out and playing with her ball.

Although she is loving around people she needs to be the only dog in a new home. She appears to never have been socialised properly and as a result becomes worried around other dogs​.

Sheba is also a big breed who now weighs 37 kg so any potential owner would need to take that into consideration.

We would really like to find her a home before the winter months as the kennels can be cold and this won’t help her condition - she would be much better in a warm family home.”

– Polly Underwood, RSPCA

A veterinary examination also found she has a medical condition called dysplasia in her hips and elbows requiring long-term medication. The RSPCA say they may ​be able to help financially with this.

Anyone interested in re-homing Sheba can call the adoptions line on 07377 356958.