Norfolk and Suffolk Police are urging football fans tonight to keep up their excellent behaviour.

It comes after no arrests were made in Norfolk last Saturday as a result of the football. Suffolk Police also said that there were no reports of any serious disturbance following the weekend England game.

Officers are also reminding people to think carefully before calling 999 and 101. Norfolk Police said during the summer months and tournaments like this they see an increase in calls with the force receiving on average 969 phone calls every day.

The St Georges flag is flying at all police stations with a flag pole. Credit: Norfolk Police

You have all done your country proud and I hope you keep flying the flag for Norfolk with good behaviour, an excellent atmosphere and tolerance as England face Croatia.

Assistant Chief Constable, Norfolk Police, Simon Megicks

Win or lose, we ask that everyone thinks about the consequences of any behaviour or disorder. We want people to remember the match for the right reasons and not because you spent it under arrest and in a police cell.

Chief Inspector Matt Rose, of Suffolk Constabulary