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St John Ambulance guide on how to perform CPR on babies

Only a quarter of parents know how to perform CPR Credit: PA

If your baby stopped breathing, would you know how to perform CPR?

The scary reality is that only one in four parents know what to do.

St John Ambulance have created a short video featuring the stars of Nursery Rhymes Inc. that shows how to give a baby CPR.

A video from St. John Ambulance teaches parents how to perform CPR on an infant Credit: St John Ambulance

The video features characters like Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill, along with a catchy song about performing CPR that reminds us what steps to take.

Steps for baby CPR:

  • Call 999 for help (Do one minute of CPR before calling for help if alone).
  • Cover the baby's nose and mouth and give five puffs of breath, each lasting roughly one second.
  • Using two fingers in the centre of its chest, give 30 pumps at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute.
  • Repeat the sequence with two puffs and 30 pumps until help arrives.

St John Ambulance have created this animation that shows how to give a baby CPR: