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1976 vs 2018: Battle of the golden summers hots up

The battle of the golden summers is hotting up - but is 2018 set to become a record-breaker and will it top the famous heatwave of 1976?

The summer of 1976 is the sunniest on record, with 669 hours of sunshine.

According to the Met Office, the 2018 summer has already seen around 400 hours of sunshine.

Those who remember '76 will hark back to visions of communal standpipes and hosepipe bans - but it also followed a very dry, hot summer in 1975.

The summer of 1976 saw water being rationed and a hosepipe ban. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It is important to remember we are only half way through the season and a lot can change."

– Met Office
The dry summer is also causing a headache for some of the East's farmers. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Met Office says the temperatures so far this summer have also been "remarkable".

From June 1 to July 16, the average daily maximum temperature across the country was 20.9°C.

The average daily maximum in 1976 was 21°C.

"If the rest of the summer is average, 2018 will certainly rank in the top 10 warmest summers on record and if we continue to see above average temperatures, it could well be record breaking."

– Met Office